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As one of the most advanced strategies, account based selling lets you capture every opportunity of owning customer data, while using this data to quickly and effectively reach out to leads and prospects through multiple channels, maximizing your opportunities for boosting your market share and getting ahead of competitors.

Account-Based Selling Functions

Why our ABS solutions can make a difference


A comprehensive approach

Our teams of account managers, data scientists and analysts, sales executives, project managers and marketers all work together to utilize their expertise for helping you acquire more leads and boost the conversion rates on multiple channels.


Build for the future

Our account based selling solutions are focused on making you sell more as soon as possible, but we also put a strategy for making you grow consistently in the future, with organized customer and leads data that you can use at any point.

Data Mining

With data mining, we automate data gathering from multiple sources to guarantee a stream of lead and prospect data to be used in marketing and sales; helping you reach your goals.


Digital platforms allow us to translate captured data quickly into useful and well structured information, giving you analytics to understand more about leads, customers and prospects; and make more informed decisions based on numbers and facts.

Sales Automation

We minimize the manual work needed by your sales team, making everything work smoothly with a fully featured CRM. This makes your existing sales executives more efficient and focused; and your sales costs lower than ever.

Advanced marketing

Account based selling is interconnected with advanced marketing strategies including marketing automation, lead nurturing, content marketing and more; which are all handled by expert teams making your marketing as effective as it can be.

Our methodology for getting you started with Account-Based Selling

Evaluating the opportunities

As we plan to provide such an advanced strategy for your business, we need to assess the available opportunities in your industry, and how effective this tactic would be when used for your business.

Profiling ideal customers

We profile your customers ahead of beginning to capture data, to be able to understand who would typically buy from you, what their motivations, fears and interests are.

Capturing data

We begin to capture data through multiple tactics, building a huge database of lead and prospect data to be used within sales and marketing efforts.

Planning and executing marketing tactics

We begin to set and execute marketing and sales tactics through multiple channels, with accurate customer segmentations that allow us to approach every lead through a specific channel they would prefer.

Automating processes

Automation is a crucial part of our account based selling strategies. As early as the data capturing process starts, we begin to put the right tools in place for getting your data capturing, marketing and sales efforts automated.

Monitoring performance

We set a number of performance metrics and KPIs that allows us to monitor the performance ponm various campaigns on multiple channels, while giving you full visibility into what we are doing.
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Everything you need to capture leads and turn them into customers

SolutionsBasicAdvanced Premium
Data and Leads Solutions
ICP persona researchIncludedIncludedIncluded
CRM EnrichmentIncludedIncludedIncluded
Combine data sets (Predictive Intelligence)IncludedIncludedIncluded
Custom list buildingIncludedIncludedIncluded
Detailed data analysis, and market researchLiteIncludedIncluded
Data mining and software scrapping
Leads Generation (New) [Leads Type C] Credit
(Extra Credit $0.5)
Outbound sales development Solutions
Outbound targeting
Email Campaign Credit345
LinkedIn Outreach Campaign Credit
(Max 1000 Invitations per profile)
Outbound Phone SupportIncluded
Sales CopywritingIncludedIncluded
Reply handlingIncluded
Appointment schedulingIncluded
Sales PlaybookIncludedIncluded
Freshsales CRM Development solutions
CRM Data engineering (custom fields – Pipeline setup)IncludedIncluded
Sales and CRM automationIncludedIncluded
Custom reporting templatesIncludedIncluded
– Sales automation and compliance checksIncludedIncluded
Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

Leads Generation Types

List IncludeType A
Company Profile
Type B
Contact Profile
Type C
Research Qualified Records
Company contact infoYesYesYes
Company IndustryYesYesYes
Company LocationYesYesYes
Company nameYesYesYes
Company Phone numberYesYesYes
Company Size of employeesYesYesYes
Company websiteYesYesYes
Contact EmailYesYes
Contact NameYesYes
Contact NameYesYes
Contact Social Network linkYes
Contact titleYes
Lead direct contact infoYes
Lead social networksYes
Qualified to custom business needYes
Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

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