Unlocking Potential: Comprehensive SEO Audit Services for Peak Digital Performance

SEO audit services

Stellar SEO audit services with great opportunities for organic growth


A dive into the competition

We as an SEO audit agency dive deeply into your market and competition to help you leverage the gaps and
excel in performance.

360Ā° coverage

We as an SEO audit company create comprehensive audits covering every SEO aspect related to your website
and every opportunity relevant to you.

Accurately crafted

Our SEO audit services are uniquely crafted for each website, with accurate estimations of your
spendings and expected return on each investment.
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SEO Audit Services

What it includes

Essential audit

At first, we start with the essential SEO audit, covering your main site strengths
and weaknesses, where it stands, and how people interact with it.

Structural and page analysis

We analyze the pages of your website, whether indexed or not, helping re-organize the site map and page structure, which is an essential step towards high-ranking and improved crawlability. Additionally, we analyze what content
needs to be enhanced on every page.

Technical SEO

The technical SEO audit services focus on every aspect related to site speed and
usage experience. We pay attention to the deepest details that Google uses to
rank websites according to technical performance.

Keyword research and gap analysis

We dive into your industry, conducting comprehensive keyword research with
the most accurate tools available, letting you know what is inside people’s minds
and what they are searching for, in addition to gap analysis to determine what to
start with for a high possibility of ranking high.

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