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What is Account-Based Selling?

The common practice in sales and Marketing circles

If you haven’t yet explored account-based selling, it can seem like quite the challenge. So today, we teach you the basics of account-based selling—what it is, why it works, and what resources you need to get started. Keep reading!

Account Based Selling Strategy

This strategy targets company, or ‘accounts’, rather than single contacts, or leads, within the company. As part of an account based sales strategy, a business identifies a set of target accounts. Then, sales and marketing departments work together to offer targeted content to contacts within target accounts.
This process is used to nurture them through the buyer’s funnel until they ultimately become a customer.

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How ABS Services work?



Data and Leads Solutions

We validate, enrich, and combine near-limitless criteria to create highly-specific lead lists, unmatched by simple software or other services.
Our experts get the full study of your pipeline and market to eliminate the wasted time of sifting through five different analytics reports to conduct one analysis.

PPC Marketing

Outreach Campaigns Solutions

Our strategy helps you execute your AARRR (Awareness, Acquisition, Retention, Referrals) strategy from awareness to referral. It includes everything from campaign strategy and flow setup to reply handling and qualifying meetings.


CRM Development Solutions

We make it easy to create marketing automation campaigns, with custom dashboards and reporting, that are compliant with strict industry standards.
Our team of experts offers CRM development solutions that are tailored to your business needs.


Grow your revenue by generating qualified leads and connecting with more prospects.

The key to any B2B company’s revenue is generating qualified leads. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Traditional lead generation methods such as cold calling and marketing events are notoriously expensive and ineffective.

Our solution, lead generation, and management platform eliminate these challenges by allowing you to create targeted campaigns that reach the right audience and generate qualified leads.

account based selling ABS services
ABS services

Say Hello To Your Stress-Free Sales & Marketing

Your time is precious and marketing automation can’t be done by one person. With a team of content writers, marketers, and entrepreneurs working on your sales & marketing automation, you’re guaranteed to get the best results.

We will setup, administer, and optimize your email marketing, phone call campaigns, targeted digital ads, and LinkedIn campaigns. We will not only deliver you impressive results but also make sure that your campaign has the highest ROI possible.

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Everything you need to capture leads and turn them into customers

Data and Leads Solutions750Leads/Month1200Leads/Month3000Leads/Month
Customized Sales Playbook
[1 Email copy + 1 Social DM Message Copy
Campaign Credit
[Total campaigns credit used in LinkedIn and/or Email
Freshworks Suite Account
[Comes with 1 FREE license]
Sales Support
[Reply Handling – Qualify meetings – Phone Support]
Meetings Generation
[Qualifying warm prospects]
Chat Support24/7
Live Chat Support1.5
Chat Team MGT0.5
Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

Leads Generation Types

List IncludeType A
Company Profile
Type B
Contact Profile
Type C
Research Qualified Records
Company contact infoYesYesYes
Company IndustryYesYesYes
Company LocationYesYesYes
Company nameYesYesYes
Company Phone numberYesYesYes
Company Size of employeesYesYesYes
Company websiteYesYesYes
Contact EmailYesYes
Contact NameYesYes
Contact NameYesYes
Contact Social Network linkYes
Contact titleYes
Lead direct contact infoYes
Lead social networksYes
Qualified to custom business needYes
Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

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