Brand Communication Management

Communicate with customers the way that builds trust with brand management services

Throughout the journey of each customer with your business, every word within your communications matters. With each conversation, you can help build a relationship that lasts. 

Why would you need it?

Making your brand recognizable

There are millions of unrecognizable brands everywhere, and your industry may be full of these ones. We put everything together from an expert-led strategy to a dose of creativity to help make your brand powerful the way it can become recognizable.

What Reputation Management
Reputation Management

Consistency with every material

Being consistent with your communication materials is essential, as you always want to reflect the same impressive image of your business, be timely and communicate effectively with clear messages and replies. We build a focus communication strategy tailored for your business to help you achieve this. 

A unified voice

Having a strategically unified voice is essential for building a name that stands out. On every social media platform, your website and all other communication channels, we can guarantee you have a professional and appealing voice. 

High dedication

Our teams are composed of unique talents with a variety of skills, from writing powerful words to drawing stunning visuals, everyone is dedicated to their profession and is proven to deliver outstanding work in it. 

What Reputation Management
Grow better with the right package

Everything you need to spread your words

Management ItemsStarter PackageBusiness Package Enterprise Package
Platforms2 3 5
Social Media Accounts Setup -IncludedIncluded
Social Media Strategy BasicAdvancedAdvanced
Monthly posts (content & designs)81015
Visuals2 GIF/Quarter2 GIF/Month + 1 Simple Video/Quarter2 GIF/Month + 2 Simple Video/Quarter
Cover Photo & Profile Photo Design/Optimization2/Year2/Year + (Public Holidays)4/Year + (Public Holidays)
Community Management
[Set community rules and guidelines - Check on your community regularly - Be authentic - Show appreciation to your followers and engage with them - Maintain your brand voice at all times - Explore new ways to engage your community]
2 hrs./day + 2 hrs. during weekends6 hrs./day + 2 hrs. during weekends.6 hrs./day + 2 hrs. during weekends
Insights monitoring_IncludedIncluded
Ads Management (1)
Annual Budget EGP 1.2k ($100 per month)
-Extra quota is subject to 20%
-management fees up to $30k
-Monthly Budget $100
-Extra quota is subject to 15%
-management fees up to $50k
-Monthly Budget $100
-Extra quota is subject to 10%
-management fees up to $100k
-Monthly Budget $100
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