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Our teams are dedicated to helping you extract huge amounts of data and transforming it into useful information and powerful analytics using the most advanced data mining tools available. With these analytics, your decision-making, marketing methodologies, and more can entirely change.

More data, more benefits

One database for all your leads

Our data mining service provider focuses on bringing all your leads to one place, making data handling more efficient and organized; and avoid missing opportunities. We follow the NOTE methodology achieving that with success.


Let us know the exact companies and titles you want to work with. We deliver accurate, enriched, lead generation lists based on your ideal customer profile.


We orchestrate and undertake custom-tailored, outbound marketing campaigns on your behalf to start sales conversations.


We do more than send cold emails. Your audience lives and communicates through a multiplicity of channels. We’ll find them and deliver your message.


We book the meetings so you can focus on your swelling sales pipeline and put more ink on paper.

Why choose Yaddly as your data mining services provider? Connect, Sell, Grow.

Multiple streams and tactics

Our data mining company uses the most advanced platforms to capture data efficiently from many different sources. This helps us curate a definitive database with all lead data that your business needs.

Customized solutions

Our data mining agency fully understand your industry and where your lead data can be ahead of beginning data capturing and scraping, to make it as efficient and fast as possible. 

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Strategically structured information

With the power of automation, the multiple data streams are processed in real-time to restructure them into useful information that will help your marketing sales processes.

Fully secure handling

Data security is always a high-priority aspect of our data capturing process, as we always strive to guarantee you exclusively own the data you capture. 

Data Mining Types


Demographic Data

providing the basics, including direct-dial phone, validated emails, and confirmed employment roles / titles.


Firmographic Data

Specializing in comprehensive searches of total addressable markets, as well as trigger-event signals such as recent fundings, mergers, or acquisitions.


Technographic Data

Delivering web tech stack and technology installed on site.


Psychographic Data

Deep search into social media, professional interests, career trajectory, or relevant behaviors & signals.


Psychographic Data

Mining social channels for signals, including possible referral paths, recent applicable prospect social activity, and sentiment analysis.

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We gather data from every possible source

Web scraping
Data from multiple sources around the web, using advanced data scraping tools that quickly scrape pages to read and process data instantly.
Social media data mining services
Data from social media platforms, filtered by interests and keywords and including all the useful information.
SQL data mining services
Data from SQL databases across the web is scrapped with specialized tools for filtering and analysis.
Image data mining services
Data extracted from images that you own and images on the web with tools powered by advanced AI.
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Everything you need to capture leads and turn them into customers

Data and Leads Solutions750Leads/Month1200Leads/Month3000Leads/Month
Customized Sales Playbook
[1 Email copy + 1 Social DM Message Copy
Campaign Credit
[Total campaigns credit used in LinkedIn and/or Email
Freshworks Suite Account
[Comes with 1 FREE license]
Sales Support
[Reply Handling – Qualify meetings – Phone Support]
Meetings Generation
[Qualifying warm prospects]
Chat Support24/7
Live Chat Support1.5
Chat Team MGT0.5
Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

Leads Generation Types

List IncludeType A
Company Profile
Type B
Contact Profile
Type C
Research Qualified Records
Company contact infoYesYesYes
Company IndustryYesYesYes
Company LocationYesYesYes
Company nameYesYesYes
Company Phone numberYesYesYes
Company Size of employeesYesYesYes
Company websiteYesYesYes
Contact EmailYesYes
Contact NameYesYes
Contact NameYesYes
Contact Social Network linkYes
Contact titleYes
Lead direct contact infoYes
Lead social networksYes
Qualified to custom business needYes
Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales

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