Web Design & Development

Full-fledged website design and development

Yaddly delivers a website design and development service that brings the top technologies, talents, and experts to deliver superior experiences. 

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Digital Consultancy

Our UI and UX designers bring the world's best practices together with touches of art to deliver beautiful designs and stellar experiences that impress users and make them love to use your website.

Brand Marketing

We build stunning websites that also stand out at the core, with great performance, security and easy-to-use dashboard with all the features you would need.

Performance Monitoring

Yadly's websites are delivered with content that fits the design and helps in engaging visitors, while helping the website rank higher in search engines. The speed, structure and other qualities of the website also help in improving its ranking to get organic visitors from search.

Traffic Analytic

The websites we build are focused on making your business stand out and grow in many ways. It is developed to give you full control from the dashboard and the ability to make changes easily, tools for facilitating marketing and much more.

Social Tracking

We care about making your data secure, by implementing the needed measures for making your website robust against intruders. High-grades of encryption come in hand with many authentication, role management and other features to keep your data safe.


A great website has become ESSENTIAL

Of people admit that a website design is definitely used as a sign of credibility. 

Of people would stop using a website immediately because it doesn’t look good. 

Of people wouldn’t keep using a slow website. 

Performance Monitoring Tool
A comprehensive service for the product you need to build

Website and e-shop development

Whether you are building a website for your brand or an e-commerce store to sell products or services, we create neat, fast, and secure websites that allow you to keep everything smooth and user experiences outstanding. 

A comprehensive service for the product you need to build

Custom software development

We deliver full-stack development for various software technologies, including the most prominent ones. We also combine various technologies to deliver software that delivers unbeatable performance and reliability.

Web app and mobile app development

Yaddly’s solutions cover building outstanding multi-platform web apps and mobile applications with great performance. Whether it is a SaaS built into the web, or a mobile application to boost the loyalty of your customers, we guarantee a top-notch product. 

web development services
Performance Monitoring Tool
A comprehensive service for the product you need to build

API development

We develop APIs, custom data connectors, web services, and other middleware for various purposes, which can help you boost the usage of your solution and help others integrate it to grow faster than ever.

UI & UX design

Our services include UI and UX designs led by experts in each, who utilize the best practices worldwide. Design is included as part of the development of any type of software and is always a crucial stage. 

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Plan TypeBasicAdvanced
Website uptime monitoringYESYES
Website bugs fixesYESYES
Website functionality testingYESYES
Maintaince of CRM integrationYESYES
CMS engine monthly updatesYESYES
Plugins regular updatesYESYES
Website UI/UX modifictions Light Heavy
Webchat Incldued Incldued
Monthly website traffic performance report Basic Advanced
Website file management YES YES
Hours CAP 5 hours 15 hours
 Talk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to SalesTalk to Sales
We lower barriers and increase desirability of your website
We deliver your brand message smoothly to leave an imprint in your customers’ mind to drive actions!