AI Video Editor; What you need to know!

ai video editor

AI video editor refers to the use of artificial intelligence technology to automate and enhance video editing workflows. AI-powered tools can analyse video content, detect specific features, and automatically make changes to improve the overall quality of the video. 

A.I. video editing tools can perform various tasks including removing noise, improving image quality, stabilising shaky footage, trimming footage to specific lengths, adding special effects, and much more. These tools use machine learning algorithms to train on large datasets of video footage, and learn how to automatically identify and make changes to video content.

The use of AI video editor tools can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of video editing processes, freeing up time and resources for creatives to focus on developing more engaging and high-quality content. The technology is being increasingly adopted by video content creators, filmmakers, and production companies, and is expected to continue growing as AI technology advances.

AI video editing – How does it work?

AI video editing involves the use of artificial intelligence software to automate the video editing process. It works by using algorithms to analyse video footage and make decisions on how to edit it. 

For example, AI video editing software can automatically identify and remove unwanted footage, adjust the colour and lighting, and add special effects and transitions. This technology can also automate tasks such as video stabilisation, text and caption generation, and background music selection.

AI video editing typically involves machine learning, where the software is trained on a large dataset of video footage and learns to recognize patterns and make accurate editing decisions based on that data. This can result in faster and more efficient video editing, as well as consistent results across multiple videos.

In summary, AI video editing works by using algorithms to automatically analyse and edit video footage, making the process more efficient and streamlined.

What is a Video editor app?

A video editor app is a software application designed to allow users to edit and manipulate video and audio files on their mobile or desktop devices. The app usually provides a range of editing tools such as trimming, cutting, merging, adding transitions, adding special effects, adjusting brightness, contrast, and colour levels, and much more. These apps are handy for creating personalised videos for social media platforms or professional editing projects like corporate videos or short films. Some popular video editor apps include Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Filmora, and PowerDirector.

AI video editor tools 

AI video editor tools are computer programs that use artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate video editing tasks. These tools can help video editors save time and improve the quality of their work by automating repetitive tasks, such as colour grading, sound mixing, and even video editing itself.

Some popular AI video editor tools include:

  1. Magisto – Magisto’s AI technology can automatically generate polished and professional-looking videos by analysing the footage and applying appropriate edits.
  2. Adobe Premiere Pro – Adobe Premiere Pro offers a range of AI-powered tools, such as Auto Reframe, which allows users to easily resize videos for different aspect ratios, and more.
  3. InVideo – InVideo uses AI technology to help users create engaging and high-quality videos quickly and easily, with features such as auto-captioning, intelligent media library, and more.
  4. Animoto – Animoto’s AI video editor can automatically select the best photos and video clips and combine them into a professional-looking video.
  5. VidMob – VidMob’s AI technology can analyse the video content and identify key themes and points, and suggest the most effective edits to create engaging videos.


AI video editing involves the use of artificial intelligence technology in the post-production process to automate tasks like object detection and scene segmentation, making editing faster and more efficient. AI video editors are software programs that use AI technology to assist in the video editing process, providing features like automatic video creation and music synchronisation. AI video editing revolutionises the industry, making it more accessible to people without professional video editing skills.

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