What is better for your business Google Ads or Social Media Ads?

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“Data is Gold” is one of the new idioms ruling the modern world, especially if you are in an industry whose main asset is DATA, and whether you admit it or not, we assure you that every action you take online, every search you make, every website you visit, and every social media platform you engage with, it is all being monitored. 

These data mines can be excavated and configured into functional information that would be used by advertisers to direct their marketing efforts to the right direction.

If this is the case, we shall start using our treasure of data to create successful campaigns for both Google and Social Media platforms. If you are not sure yet where to invest your data in, this article will give you all you need to differentiate between Google ads and social media ads, then the call will be yours!

Google Ads vs Social Media Ads

While both Google ads and social media ads have the same target of hunting users, it is the objective and audience of your advertising that is most important when choosing between the two platforms. 

Below, we will list you the most important differences between these platforms to understand before launching your own online advertising campaign:

  • What constitutes Google Ads?
  • What constitutes Social Media Ads?
  • What are their marketing objectives?
  • How do they both target the audience?
  • What are the advantages of each type?

What Constitutes Google Ads?

As the world has become, and is still becoming, so dependent on Google to the extent that “google it” is being currently used as a verb, therein lies the power of Google advertising. Google ads allow users create a paid search ad  to be featured and highly-ranked in search engine results, with the ability to choose where your advertisement is to be featured on other Google websites and subsidiaries. Furthermore, Google ads  allow daily and pay-per-click budgets to be set so that advertising budgets are not exceeded.

What Constitutes Social Media Ads?

Diagnosed as the addiction of the era, social media has provided a profitable platform that enables marketers to directly target any audience segment they want. Social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, give users the ability to advertise their product or service without any third-party interaction and reach any type of audience.

What are their marketing objectives?

If you attempt to embark on an advertising campaign and did not make up your mind which type to choose yet, you must have a clear objective first of what action you are trying to push the potential customers to take. This brings about the most important difference between Google ads and social media ads, targeting totally different points of the customer journey.

Google Ads is most effective when you are urging your audience to make actual sales because it is targeting those who are searching for a product or service that they have possibly identified a need for purchasing and therefore they are searching for it.

Social Media Ads, on the other hand, are most effective when your goal is creating wider awareness for your brand or product/service, drawing attention to it and ensuring the customer is consistently reminded of it.

How do they both target the audience?

Whereas they both have the same end goal, Google Ads use keywords to target audiences, allowing advertisers to bid on keywords that relate to their product, service, or business, while Social Media Ads use interests, demographics, location, and other information gathered through the social media platform, in addition to  creating lookalike – Facebook – audiences.

 What are the advantages of each type?

Google Ads Advantages:

  • Boosting inbound website traffic and generating leads.
  • Wider reach via advertising on a variety of Google-owned and partnered platforms, including Google Search, YouTube, Gmail, and Google’s Display Network. 
  • Focused-Audience Targeting
  • Having the option of fully customizing audience targeting, Google Ads campaign radically increases the chances of achieving business goals.

Social Media Ads Advantages:

  • Increasing brand awareness and recognition.
  • Maintaining and enhancing brand loyalty.
  • Creating a brand community.

Comparing all the components of both Google Ads and social media ads, it’s critical to make balance between both awareness and conversion-focused advertising to grow your business online. 

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