How PPC helped our client expand in new markets .. A True Story!

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It is not always about tips, advice and guidance, but sometimes you need to see how things are actually done in the real world; that is why in this article we will take you behind the curtains to discuss one of the cases we worked on recently.  

One of our top clients, who is a professional South African translation & localization company, approached the agency for a consultancy and SEO project. The client put it on the table complaining that at some stage he decided to run a campaign to boost the business performance and generate more leads. For this purpose, the client dedicated all needed resources along with a big budget that would definitely do more than good, however, the campaign did not achieve the desired results or even get close.

Yaddly decided to start its own process of investigations to place its hands on the findings that would enable us to drive the client back to the right path. 

Our investigation and market study of South Africa have revealed that South Africa is experiencing a growing desire to bring back indigenous languages that were suppressed during the colonial and apartheid periods. One way in which the language services industry can honor Rolihlahla (Nelson) Mandela is through active efforts to help standardize South African indigenous languages and preserve the country’s diverse cultures. Even though English is still regarded as one of the official languages in South Africa, less than 10 percent of its residents speak English as a first language. isiZulu however, is spoken by 22.7 percent and isiXhosa (Mandela’s native language), by 16 percent. 

In fact, South Africa is home to 11 official languages, nine of which are native languages: Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi (Swati, siSwati), Tsongo, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, and Zulu.

Our team conducted specialized research before tailoring the recovery plan that shall help obtain the prospected goals and achieve the required reach. These researches gigged in the South African internet usage finding out that with over 40 million South Africans online (mostly via mobile), there is definitely a growing attraction to various social media platforms as per the following statistics:

  • Social Media Population:
  • Ages and Genders of Social Media Users:
  • Most Used Platforms:
  • Advertising Channels:
  • Estimated Ad Reach:

Our market research regarding the most used social media platforms in South Africa, which we can focus on in our campaigns to guarantee the reach, showed that Facebook seizes the throne of social media there:  

  • Facebook

The most widely-used social media platform in South Africa, is Facebook. No one can argue that Facebook’s continued success lies squarely in its ability to continue attracting and maintaining human-powered users, and South African users are no exception. With over 100 languages now offered on its platform, including Xhosa and Zulu, Facebook is attracting more and more South Africans.

But it’s not just about the language – it’s also about accessibility. Since Facebook is mainly accessed with mobile phones in South Africa, it has introduced Facebook Lite – a smaller version of the app which is more suitable to Android phones. Big South African businesses and advertisers are also flocking to Facebook to promote their brands.

It stands to reason that by creating a more accessible app along with offering the app services in one’s native language, Facebook is helping businesses to see a greater ROI and helping more South Africans to actively engage online.

Process and Methodology:

Our methodology was based on:

  • Conducting Market Research.
  • Situation & Competitive Analysis.
  • Campaign’s History & Current Analysis
  • Optimization & Action Plan.
  • Implementation & Monitoring.
  • Evaluation.

We will briefly tell you below what did we do in each step and what were the outcomes:

  • Market Research 

Our team of specialists conducted an in-depth market research that focused on the elements that are crucial to our client:

  • The current situation of the whole market of South Africa.
  • The language industry situation.
  • The demand type and volume there. 

The main purpose of the research was to have a bird-eye view of the whole case to discover where exactly things went wrong and how to correct it.

  • Situation & Competitive Analysis

After conducting the required market analysis, a situational and competitive analysis was performed to determine:

  •  The position of the company and where it is from the market.
  • Who the competitors are, and where the company is among them.

This situational and competitive analysis included observing competitors’ Ads, targeted keywords, services provided, landing pages, and of course some other segments, and so we defined ours. 

  • Campaign’s History & Current Analysis

Completing the two above steps, we moved to analyzing the campaign’s previous & current performance indicators and results to determine our next steps and how will we tackle the challenge. 

  • Optimization & Action Plan

Digesting all the outputs and findings of the previous process, our PPC team (Pay Per Click) then tailored an action plan that would match the client’s requirements and ensure achieving his target goals. The plan was finalized and sent for the client’s approval, which we surely got. 

  • Implementation & Monitoring

Once the action plan was approved, we commenced the implementation process, including campaign setup optimization, and creating a new landing page with a new structure and content to suit users’ needs and provide a better UX. 

  • Evaluation

Finally, we monitored the performance of the ads, live on-page users’ behavior, did all needed optimization, and then provided the final report after evaluating the plan and its results.

So, what were the results?

In this very specific case, Yaddly managed to help the client reach: 

80% Conversion Growth           47% Increase in CR             22% Decrease in CPA

If you are running a campaign, want to run a campaign or need to know how you are performing among your competitors, Yaddly, the revenue-focused marketing agency, is the invaluable expert you can count on for having access to our best result-oriented solutions and top-notch products. Our bundle of digital marketing services include – but not limited to – Account-Based Selling (ABS), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Development, and Content Marketing.

Reach us now and start optimizing your business. 

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